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What's this all about?

As public awareness of climate change and sustainability grows, a company's environmental policy becomes an increasingly important factor when customers are considering where to spend their time and money. Let's Get Wasted allows you to show customers that you take environmental issues seriously and are doing your bit to be more sustainable.

What makes them a hero?

All businesses produce waste (it's inevitable, unfortunately) but our Let's Get Wasted partners make sure that theirs is managed ethically and responsibly, recycling their waste products instead of sending them to landfill, and using techniques that help get the most back from their waste products.

What's it got to do with you?

The companies that partner with us produce waste that is used to create clean and sustainable energy which is then used in the local area to power homes and businesses. By buying from a Let's Get Wasted partner, you're playing a part in protecting our planet and ensuring that valuable natural resources are not depleted. And who knows, your local chippy might be helping power your home's electric!

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